Mineral blue

See under Mineral.
the name usually given to azurite, when reduced to an impalpable powder for coloring purposes.

See also: Blue, Mineral

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The Ford van is a lotus mineral blue colour and has a mediumsized nudge bar on the front.
Petrol blue Icey blue is a given with this look, but don't forget to add some depth with a stronger shade like dark, petrol or mineral blue. Try working it in with a key piece of furniture like a sofa, or use a splash of petrol blue with a lampshade or statement rug.
It is available in three new colours, Tan Brown, Beige Chalk and Mineral Blue.
Adidas Pureboost X comes in colorways such as Raw Purple and Shock Red, Mineral Blue and Halo Pink floral, Black and Shock Green (P5,795), plus a stylish Stella McCartney design in navy blue and white (P8,195).
Home of the unique mineral Blue John stone, including the largest piece ever found.
Chocolate brown and mineral blue are also gaining popularity.
The same pewter tones are repeated with beautiful mineral blue and cranberry in a floral Aubusson rug that the Owenses found in New York.
Using the bright, fresh hues found in nature to update traditional outdoor decor--such as citron green, terracotta, mineral blue, fresh ivory and deep cocoa brown--the indoor/outdoor 3444M from the Montego collection adds surface interest with its textural effects as well.
Look for more of those mineral blues, blue-blacks and navy.
The grouping includes: Atmospheric grays, mineral blues, misted lavenders, rose browns, golden olives, and dusted periwinkles.