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Two mineral rights are in the state of Goias and one mineral right is in the state of Tocantins.
For a separate mineral right to be established, there must be some form of conveyance or reservation (usually a deed) that clearly delineates what interests are being transferred.
The first could be to flush out any mineral right owners by attempting to exercise the mineral rights yourself.
Successfully acquired an Exploration Licence with the option to enter into a Mining Lease with the mineral right owner, to develop and operate a mine at the Redmoor Tin-Tungsten Project in the historic Cornwall mining district of the United Kingdom.
The Brazilian government official gazette published in its July 29, 2019 edition the granting to the Brazilian subsidiary of Jupiter Gold of the "Guia de Utilizacao" number 111-2019 with respect to its Paracatu Project mineral right number, permitting commercial mining for gold in up to 50,000 tons per year for three years.
The deal will also include surface rights, mineral rights, personal property and permits associated therewith.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 31, 2016-The Mitchell Group, Redhawk Investment Group Form Mineral Rights Acquisition Offering
September was breakthrough month for Pele, which announced three diamond discoveries - known as the Cristal, Dom Perignon and Pol Roger occurrences - at Festival where they control a 100 per cent interest in the mineral rights. They also own two gold projects near Wawa and west of Thunder Bay.
During the 1970s, the Zabolotnys discovered oil on their land, and in 1977, they entered various lease arrangements with a major oil company with respect to the mineral rights to the land, while continuing their farming operation.
Brazil Minerals, through subsidiaries, has title to over 27,000 acres of mineral rights for diamonds and gold in this region.
Will I be contacted to sign a mineral rights contract?