mineral spirits

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min′eral spir`its

a volatile distillation product of petroleum, used as a thinner for paints and varnishes.
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The alkyd is 70% NV content by weight in mineral spirits with a typical Gardner-Holdt viscosity range of Z2-Z4 and a Gardner-Holdt viscosity of D-F when reduced in mineral spirits to 50% NV.
The company also produces a special maintenance grade of SSF in a 10% mineral spirits paste.
For the elements required, you'll need low viscosity baby oil, two buffing/polishing bars, a couple of squeezable plastic bottles wearing needles in their caps, another plastic squeeze bottle that looks like a bellows (when filled and compressed quickly from bottom to top it can knock a fly off a wall six feet away), and a container of mineral spirits. I typically use three sizes of pseudo-hypodermic syringes, which are ideal for flushing away polishing residue and refilling small plastic bottles.
Save time and mineral spirits with this three-container brush-cleaning method.
Mineral spirits is the solvent of choice for architectural varnish OMUs.
Mineral spirits is an excellent choice as a thinner but it really isn't the best choice to aid in the dry time.
Wet glue can be cleaned up with water, but you'll need mineral spirits to clean it up once it's dry.
Solvent-based architectural paints, are based on acrylic and/or medium/long oil alkyd resins, and the preferred solvent used in this application is mineral spirits. In waterborne applications, acrylic emulsions or water-soluble acrylics are used.
Some of these are specific chemicals (e.g., benzene, toluene), and some are complex mixtures of variable composition (e.g., mineral spirits, gasoline).
Caption: Far left: Remove the marker from the surface of the plastic using a paper towel moistened with mineral spirits, leaving the ink in the scribed lines.
I use polyurethane varnish a lot, so cleaning out brushes in mineral spirits is a regular chore.