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A small motorbike having a low frame, small wheels, and elevated handlebars.

[Originally a trademark.]

min′i·bik′er n.


(Automotive Engineering) Canadian a light motorcycle designed for use away from public roads


(ˈmɪn iˌbaɪk)

a small, lightweight motorcycle with a low frame.
min′i•bik`er, n.
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Noun1.minibike - small motorcycle with a low frame and small wheels and elevated handlebarsminibike - small motorcycle with a low frame and small wheels and elevated handlebars
moped - a motorbike that can be pedaled or driven by a low-powered gasoline engine
bike, motorcycle - a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame
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A mini moto will be put on display at a Durham Police event to bring home a safety message.
Complaints about mini moto nuisance have already fallen significantly over the past year following an ongoing high-profile campaign by Safer Sand-well partnership agencies, including Sandwell Council and police.
Losail Circuit Sports Club has announced the opening of its outdoor karting and Mini Moto track for this summer.
POLICE putting the brakes on nuisance bikers in South Tyneside have seized a mini moto.
MINI moto riders are being warned their machines will be seized and crushed in a new crackdown.
Failed to attend unpaid work on two dates in April and May after being convicted in February of stealing a mini moto. Sentenced to 26 weeks' prison, suspended for 12 months, after pleading guilty.
Notices have been issued with regards to vehicles being involved in anti-social behaviour and one mini moto has been seized.
COVENTRY youngster Chris Taylor has been rewarded for his outstanding efforts in his debut season in the LCRRC British Mini Moto Championship by securing a surprise sponsorship deal with Stomp - the biggest pit bike manufacturer in the United Kingdom.
Activities for the family include kids' quad bike rides, children's mini moto demonstrations, a climbing wall, fun fair, go-karting, rider training sessions and mini bike "Try and Ride".
Joshua rides a 50cc Mini Moto bike, the type first used by current Moto GP star and four-time championship winner Valentino Rossi.
A crackdown on "mini moto" bikes has been welcomed by a Birmingham MP.
The men's blue 50cc mini moto crashed on a residential road in Sower-by Bridge, Halifax at 3.30am yesterday.