desmopressin acetate

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des·mo·pres·sin acetate

A synthetic analog of vasopressin used therapeutically as an antidiuretic and in the management of bleeding in individuals with some forms of hemophilia and von Willebrand disease.

[des(a)m(in)o-, lacking an amine group (des-, variant of de- + amino-) + (vaso)pressin.]
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Treatment and assessment of compliance: All patients were recommended to take oral desmopressin (0.2mg) before going to bed (Ferring Pharmaceutical Company, Sweden, trade name: minirin, 0.1mg/ tablet) based on behavioral interventions.
Ferring is focused on developing oral formulations for peptide drugs including the world's first orally active peptide, desmopressin (MINIRIN) and the fast dissolving lyophilisate (MINIRIN MELT).
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