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(ˈmɪŋ ki)

a finback whale, Baleanoptera acutorostrata, of temperate and polar seas.
Also called min′ke whale`.
[1930–35; < Norwegian minkehval, allegedly after Meincke, a crewman of the Norwegian whaler Svend Foyn (1809–94)]
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حوت يعيش في البحار البارِدَه


(ˈmiŋkiː(weil)) noun
a whale found in cold seas, especially around Norway.
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Four additional MPAs were also proposed in 2012 to extend protection to basking sharks, minke whales, Risso's dolphins, burrowed mud, shelf banks and mounds and shelf deeps, but it was agreed further assessments were required.
It added: "From the photographs I have seen it looks most likely to be a minke whale.
On Monday morning, the Nisshin Maru, a whale factory ship belonging to Kyodo Senpaku Co., and two other whalers left the port of Shimonoseki in the western Japan prefecture of Yamaguchi to hunt minke, sei and Bryde's whales offshore.
Minke's attempts to obtain information about the discussions regarding her employment and termination by the Board of Supervisors of Page County, in a closed session on June 20, 2017.
Minke whales, dolphins and seals were among the creatures seen by passengers on-board DFDS ferries travelling between North Shields and Amsterdam.
We are offering a lucky winner family tickets to the groundbreaking new Sea Creatures tour (worth PS52), which - in a UK first - allows visitors to explore life beneath the ocean, with over 200 exhibits including 50 incredible cross-sections of real animals like whales, penguins, great white sharks and the show-stopping centrepiece, Hai Hai the minke whale.
By LYDIA MORRIS Daily Post Reporter lydia.morris@trinitymirror.com INCREDIBLE close-up footage of a minke whale off the North Wales coast has surfaced.
Despite new laws prohibiting whale hunting, or whaling, Japan continues to send whale hunters to Antarctica in search of Minke Whales to kill.
Japan killed 122 pregnant minke whales during a highly controversial annual whaling expedition that Tokyo defends as scientific research but conservationists call "gruesome and unnecessary."
A fisherman hauled in a dead 4.4 meter-long minke whale 120 kilometers east of Pohang Monday.