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1. A variety of tangelo bearing easily peeled deep-orange fruit with a prominent nub around the stem scar.
2. The fruit of this tree.

[After Lake Minneola in central Florida, in the area where it was developed and grown.]


(Plants) a juicy citrus fruit that is a cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit
[C20: perhaps from Mineola, Texas]
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It includes a small bottle of cocoa gin, made with juniper and zesty Minneolas, as well as some chocolate truffles and 65 milk chocolate puddles.
Sunkist's portfolio of organics includes navel, Cara Cara navel and Valencia oranges; mandarins; minneolas; grapefruit; lemons; and limes.
Eren exports minneolas to different parts of the world.
Tangelos and Minneolas are tangerine-grapefruit hybrids.
In the citrus industry, "flat fruit" refers to oval citrus products such as lemons, tangerines or fruit with a large button at the top like minneolas. Oval fruits do not roll on a conveyor belt as uniformly as round fruit, such as oranges, and are more challenging to efficiently process and package.
With a product list that includes navel and Valencia oranges, lemons and minneolas, Bravante is bringing 2,000-plus acres of citrus into the Sunkist system.