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 (mĭn′ĭ-sō′tə) Abbr. MN or Minn.
A state of the northern United States bordering on Lake Superior and on Manitoba and Ontario, Canada. It was admitted as the 32nd state in 1858. Explored by the French in the mid-1600s, the area became part of the United States through the Treaty of Paris (1783) and the Louisiana Purchase (1803). St. Paul is the capital and Minneapolis the largest city.

Min′ne·so′tan adj. & n.
Word History: Minnesotans may tell you that Minnesota in Lakota means "10,000 lakes," and they may attempt to prove it by pointing to the motto on their license plates. Minnesota in Lakota actually means "cloudy water," an accurate description of the Minnesota River. Another popular etymology of a similar-sounding Indian name has Minnehaha meaning "laughing waters." It doesn't; it means "waterfalls." The misinterpretation began around 1849 when European settlers, not unreasonably, assumed that the -haha was an imitation of laughter just as in English, and hence that minnehaha meant "laughing waters." The folk etymology caught on and wound up in 1855 as the name of the heroine in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem The Song of Hiawatha.
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(Placename) a native or inhabitant of Minnesota
(Placename) of or relating to Minnesota or its inhabitants
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Noun1.Minnesotan - a native or resident of MinnesotaMinnesotan - a native or resident of Minnesota  
American - a native or inhabitant of the United States
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"I consider myself lucky to be a Minnesotan by choice.
In this memoir, written in the 1950s but never published, Minnesotan Everard Bullis recounts the actions of the WWIAEs Fifth Marine Regiment from his perspective at the front lines at the Western Front.
A born-and-raised Minnesotan, I lived there my entire life except for my time in the Navy.
MINNEAPOLIS: For tourists braving the cold, the Minnesotan nonprofit's cookies-with-a-cause will be a hot commodity.
But that was not always the case in the Somali Minnesotan community.
This law outlines the requirements for collecting investments from accredited investors within a state but does not place restrictions on investments made online, creating an opportunity for any Minnesotan to invest regardless of accreditation.
Ones to watch out for tonight include Mali band Songhoy Blues, Virginia singer-songwriter Natalie Prass and Minnesotan jazz-blues quartet Davina and the Vagabonds.
In the semifinals, Sean topped local player Zack Wells, while Nathan edged fellow Minnesotan Joseph Lallier in a tiebreaker.
Among many roles, he has played Olivia in Twelfth Night, Johnny "Rooster" Byron in Jerusalem, and now Ron--a middle-aged Minnesotan on an ice-fishing excursion in Nice Fish.
In June 2012, Humphries had tweeted, "Hanging with a fellow Minnesotan @lindseyvonn.
Van Ronk himself was not Jewish (and nor, presumably, will be the Coens' fictional alter ego, Llewyn Davis), but the folkie milieu, up to and including Van Ronk protege Bob Dylan (like the Coens, a Minnesotan), very much was.
MARDY FISH is playing arguably the best tennis of his career and bookmakers who are quoting the red-hot Minnesotan at 33-1 to break his Grand Slam duck in the US Open are fully aware of that fact, writes Adrian Humphries.