Minoan culture

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Noun1.Minoan culture - the bronze-age culture of Crete that flourished 3000-1100 BCMinoan culture - the bronze-age culture of Crete that flourished 3000-1100 BC
culture, civilisation, civilization - a particular society at a particular time and place; "early Mayan civilization"
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Contributors identified only by name review the extensive literature on tombs and tomb deposits from the Minoan culture during the Bronze Age, in order to provide scholars a guide to variations and similarities over space and time.
In Greek mythology, the infant god Zeus is fed goat milk through a cornucopia, and in the heyday of the Minoan culture young girls ritually entered womanhood by literally taking a bull by the horns and gymnastically vaulting themselves onto the bull's back, a feat requiring what every good horn player must achieve, the balance of power and grace.
The ruins of this 3,500-year-old palace provide a fascinating glimpse into the distant past when the Minoan culture paved the way for modern civilisation.