n.1.See Minnow.
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Hope and weak links / One of the contributors, Harvard law professor Martha Minow, analyzed the Japanese internment episode in more detail, asking whether mass detentions without process could happen again in the United States.
To put the importance of satellites into perspective, then-FCC Chairman Newton Minow famously told President Kennedy, Communications satellites are more important than sending a man into space because they will launch ideas, and ideas will last longer than men and women.
Remaining on the board as independent directors in addition to Gordon are William Cohen, Gary Countryman, Linda Griego and Martha Minow.
But that ship has sailed," said Nell Minow, vice chair of ValueEdge Advisors, a firm that advises institutional investors on corporate governance issues.
"Facebook, its reputation and the people who work in it have been pretty battered over the past year," said Nell Minow, vice chair of the corporate governance consulting firm ValueEdge Advisors.
Theatrics aside, activist shareholders known as "corporate gadflies" have been responsible for significant improvements in corporate governance, explains Nell Minow of Washington, D.C., a long-time expert in governance matters.
That speech would become known for the pejorative that the FCC chairman, Newton Minow, used to describe TV: he called it "a vast wasteland." It's a great line, but there are other reasons to revisit the speech now, about 10 years after the emergence of another communications service--Facebook--that has become ubiquitous in American homes, a staggering financial success, and a transmitter of a lot of pernicious schlock.
Other individuals who were recognized for their efforts were Elouise Cobell (posthumous), Maya Lin, Eduardo Padron, Bill and Melinda Gates, Newt Minow, Robert Redford, Lorne Michaels, Bring Springsteen, Vin Scully, Margaret Hamilton, Frank Gehry, Richard Garwin, Grace Hopper (posthumous) and Cicely Tyson.
Harvard law professor Martha Minow articulates some of the important goals that need to be achieved in post-war rebuilding.
That was when the newly installed chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Newton Minow, gave a speech to the National Association of Broadcasters that ruined everything.
Minow decried the majority of television programming as a ''vast wasteland.''