n.1.A small kind of printing type; minion.
2.(Mus.) A minim.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The same user who is believed to be a Sabah native also parodies another section of Lion King, this time transforming the iconic Hakuna Matata phrase into 'Aku minum arak' (I drink alcohol).
Even if the plan document was non-standardized, the WFE 401 (k) plan would have to take employees of the other businesses into account for minum coverage and nondiscrimination testing purposes, and likely would not pass minimum coverage and nondiscrimination testing on a controlled group basis.
Instead of attempting to produce a working unit out of alu minum, which was more expensive and was more prone to breakage due to the possible flaws inherent in copying a design without the full Dutch technical data package (indeed, these firms received no plans or blueprints and had to simply take measurements of the Dutch sample receivers and attempt to copy them by trial and error) or the use of the inferior materials or methods available to smaller concerns, CKA elected to mill its receivers out of 4140 ordnance steel.
(27) ic ne dear beon minum I not dare.1SG be.INF my.M.DAT faeder ungehyrsum father.DAT disobedient.NOM
However, Satan's bonds are not metaphors referring to the weather but literal chains of fire that torment him and impede his movement, or as he explains in the third lament, he "sceal nu bysne wites clom / beoran beornende in baece minum" (156-67; must bear burning on my back this chain of torment).
Meilianingsih, and Besral., "Pengaruh minum teh terhadap kejadian anemia pada usia lanjut di kota Bandung," Universitas Indonesia, 2007, https://core.ac.uk/display/27713373.
The slave-girl, unaware as to the purpose of these goings-on, helped dilligently in preparing the food and serving the guests (sigot masak, sigot jaga lama minum).
Ahmad, Analisis Kualitas Air Hujan Sebagai Sumber Air Minum Terhadap Kesehatan Masyarakat (Studi Kasus di Kecamatan Bangko Bagansiapiapi).
Today, the marque stands on the cusp of a bold new era, folA[degrees] lowing the announcement of the eighth generation Phantom limousine and its allA[degrees]new aluA[degrees] minum architecture that promA[degrees] ises to underpin all future RollsA[degrees]Royce motor cars.
There is a redesigned front bumper to take larger air intakes and most notably new LED headlights as well as 19-inch forged alu- minum wheels with the option of 21-inch low pro le rims.
It is important to mention that only x-ray technology can inspect and identify contami- nation in food and drink metal cans and alu- minum foil trays.