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n.1.(Astron.) A remarkable variable star in the constellation Cetus (
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Mother named half of us and father the other half, but we didn't come out even, so they both thought it would be nice to name Mira after aunt Miranda in Riverboro; they hoped it might do some good, but it didn't, and now we call her Mira.
Mother let us all walk in and wheel Mira in the baby carriage, because we couldn't afford to go to the circus in the afternoon.
Hannah is the oldest, I come next, then John, then Jenny, then Mark, then Fanny, then Mira."
Sonant melliflua hymnorum organa, suavissima angelorum melodia, cantica canticorum mira !
The new Mira sorters are available in various models (B, U and D), widths (1,200 and 1,600 mm), two scanning technologies (camera and laser) and different configurations (top view and full view).
Thirteen of the 100 women so honored were selected to appear in Mira's advertising campaign.
"We are delighted to announce that in MIRA, the world's leading infrastructure asset manager, we have found the right partner to drive the successful development of Currenta while leveraging its international expertise," said Dr.
Both companies signed corresponding agreements with MIRA today, August 6, 2019.
According to MIRA, the program is being conducted in association with Maldivian Blood Services.
Mama has straight hair, this is why Mira wants hers to stop curling--also she can look just like mama, therefore imagine her surprise when a walk in the rain transforms mama, bringing out her curls and making her beautiful and free.
I think it doesn't make sense to get serious about everything," Mira told the media during a fundraiser event.
New Delhi [India], Feb 6 (ANI): Bollywood actor ShahidKapoor never shies away from showing how much he loves his wife Mira RajputKapoor, and the latest picture of the couple is proof of their love.