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to read the Miranda rights to a person under arrest
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tr.v. Mi·ran·dized, Mi·ran·diz·ing, Mi·ran·diz·es Slang
To give a Miranda warning to (a person being arrested).
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vb (tr)
(Law) law US to inform (an arrested person) of his or her legal rights
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(mɪˈræn daɪz)
v.t. -dized, -diz•ing.
(sometimes l.c.) Informal. to advise (a person being arrested) of his or her rights under the Miranda rule.
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Mirandize suspected terrorists as a tension between two goals:
(16) With official sanction from the Obama Administration, special counterterrorism agents question, but do not Mirandize, Dzhokhar.
As a result of the case, each and every person must now be informed of his or her rights when arrested, by means of the by now famous line: "You have the right to remain silent." The ruling gave rise to the expression "to Mirandize" or "being Mirandized."In his remarkably researched book "You Have the Right Not to Remain Silent," (393 pages, Naufal, 2016) Ramsay Najjar has "de-Mirandized" the overlapping area between the universe of communication and media and that of the judiciary system and its goal of justice; this zone where "the judiciary bids farewell to its tranquil silence and drowns in spite of itself in the clamorous uproar of the media." His underlying argument is that humanity has become "rebellious ...
The Court also said that if police fail to "Mirandize" a suspect, any statement or confession that a suspect makes can't be used as evidence in court.
As the recent Special Forces raid in Syria that killed Abu Sayyaf attests--there was little need to Mirandize the purportedly central figure in ISIS's economic organization in order to hurt ISIS.
The Obama administration made the decision not to Mirandize the 19-year-old suspect by using the "public safety" exception, which led to debate as to whether the strategy was appropriate.
The problem with the rule, Bonner said, "It's a burden to almost Mirandize the listener in a county where the judge and the elected official might live next door to each other."
Should we "Mirandize" each student on day one by requiring her or him to acknowledge that as a new lawyer she or he will "never reject, from any consideration personal to myself, the cause of the defenseless or oppressed?"
211, 25761 (2001) (describing how the informed consent requirements for abortions go beyond that which is required for other medical procedures and essentially "morally Mirandize" the woman).
People understood that in developed democracies, the police were to use the minimum force needed to apprehend (or "mirandize") suspects, while armies around the world used maximum force to ("vaporize") enemies.
It occurs to me that as a protection against the wiretapping laws, citizens need to Mirandize the cops that they may be being recorded in a public place.
For example, if law enforcement officials Mirandize a terror suspect by informing him of his right to remain silent, then he may not talk.