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to read the Miranda rights to a person under arrest
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tr.v. Mi·ran·dized, Mi·ran·diz·ing, Mi·ran·diz·es Slang
To give a Miranda warning to (a person being arrested).
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vb (tr)
(Law) law US to inform (an arrested person) of his or her legal rights
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(mɪˈræn daɪz)
v.t. -dized, -diz•ing.
(sometimes l.c.) Informal. to advise (a person being arrested) of his or her rights under the Miranda rule.
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Bendel handcuffed the defendant, Mirandized him and put him in a squad car.
(184) Not only do more than 80% of Mirandized suspects ultimately waive
The trial court found that Dassey had a "low average to borderline" IQ but was in mostly regular-track high school classes; was interviewed while seated on an upholstered couch, never was physically restrained and was offered food, beverages and restroom breaks; was properly Mirandized; and did not appear to be agitated or intimidated at any point in the questioning.
But as the saying goes, "The buck stops with the president." They have been "Mirandized," meaning duly advised and publicly read the standards of honesty and decency required by this administration.
However, Beauregard was not formally Mirandized, and questioning had continued notwithstanding her repeated references to a lawyer.
Mirandized statements turns on whether the initial, unwarned statement
Nothing is more frustrating to a Soldier who was falsely accused of a crime, mirandized, processed, and titled (arrested) for that crime and then had the charges dismissed or was adjudicated, acquitted, or otherwise found not guilty than to find out that the Army has no expungement relief.
'They should have Mirandized her before asking her,' Green said.
witnessing the officers' entry, the defendant was Mirandized and
(135) Recent interviews with the local FBI agents who questioned him before he was Mirandized, nine hours after being taken into custody, reveal the wealth of confessions he made--the type of bomb, that he was affiliated with Al-Qaeda, and that he was acting alone.
She Mirandized me and told me that I was being arrested on charges of being an accessory to first-degree murder.
As a result of the case, each and every person must now be informed of his or her rights when arrested, by means of the by now famous line: "You have the right to remain silent." The ruling gave rise to the expression "to Mirandize" or "being Mirandized."In his remarkably researched book "You Have the Right Not to Remain Silent," (393 pages, Naufal, 2016) Ramsay Najjar has "de-Mirandized" the overlapping area between the universe of communication and media and that of the judiciary system and its goal of justice; this zone where "the judiciary bids farewell to its tranquil silence and drowns in spite of itself in the clamorous uproar of the media." His underlying argument is that humanity has become "rebellious ...