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to read the Miranda rights to a person under arrest
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tr.v. Mi·ran·dized, Mi·ran·diz·ing, Mi·ran·diz·es Slang
To give a Miranda warning to (a person being arrested).
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vb (tr)
(Law) law US to inform (an arrested person) of his or her legal rights
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(mɪˈræn daɪz)
v.t. -dized, -diz•ing.
(sometimes l.c.) Informal. to advise (a person being arrested) of his or her rights under the Miranda rule.
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65% of American adults supported Mirandizing suspected terrorists.
(63) Before Mirandizing Quarles, the officer asked him where the gun was; Quarles gestured and said, "[T]he gun is over there." (64) Only after the officer retrieved the gun did he read Quarles his Miranda rights, at which point Quarles waived his right to remain silent and his right to an attorney and consented to answer more questions.
But law enforcement pressed forward and, were it not for judicial intervention, would have continued questioning Tsarnaev without Mirandizing him.
Without Mirandizing her, detectives questioned her for about half an hour with Diante in her lap.
SIDEBAR 136, 136-37, 139 (2013) ("When Tsarnaev regained consciousness, the FBI interrogated him for sixteen hours over the course of two days without Mirandizing him....
This too was true in the Harris case, where not only did police lie about Mirandizing Harris, they also attributed incriminating admissions to Harris that he never made, (235) casting his actual guilt into doubt.
It simply makes no sense to capture a member of an enemy force on the one hand, and then negate all normal military modes of detention, interrogation and intelligence collection by mirandizing the detainee and presenting them to the nearest magistrate within a six hour period.
at 617, procedure: first, the police would elicit a confession without Mirandizing the suspect, knowing full well that the statement would be unavailable for use in court because of the omission of Miranda warnings; then, after having obtained a confession, the police would administer Miranda warnings and question the suspect again, invariably obtaining yet another confession (now ostensibly in compliance with Miranda, and available for use in court) because the suspect would feel that it was futile to assert his or her rights and remain silent after having already confessed, id.
(110) It appears Holder would prefer that the government had the flexibility to forgo Mirandizing terror suspects altogether until the government is finished interrogating them, whenever that may be.
(132.) Devallis Rutledge, Non-Custodial Stationhouse Interrogations: How to talk to suspects without Mirandizing, POLICE: THE L.
As troubling as the handling of the Christmas Day bombing attempt was, it can be properly understood as part of a significant policy shift that reportedly began last year, involving Mirandizing terrorists.