Mirror plate

A flat glass mirror without a frame
Flat glass used for making mirrors.

See also: Mirror, Mirror

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Tenders are invited for: Athena: preparation of coated x-ray mirror plate production
PG&O's off-the-shelf thin films include ultraviolet (UV), infrared (IR), anti-reflective (AR), BBAR, cold mirror plate, hot mirrors, aluminized mirror, plate beamsplitters, indium tin oxide (ITO), maximum reflectors (Max Rs), and more.
For the practical investigations of the cooling behavior, in each case inserts for a D2 shrinkage plate (ISO 2943), a flow spiral, and a mirror plate were manufactured from 1.
Among them are likely to be all kinds of examples of English mirrors including the convex Regency circular type often with a stag on top and a gilt ball and chain dangling over the mirror plate.
Begin by cutting a disk of plywood approximately the same diameter as your primary mirror--this will be the mirror plate.
An alternative, which keeps the kids happy, is a chocolate fondue on a mirror plate with marshmallows for toasting and coconut dips.
The mirrors were cut into two or three pieces because large plates were not available, and mirror plate was so expensive that framers used every plate of mirror.
They normally carry a stag on top of the frame with a gold leaf ball and chain dangling over the mirror plate.
Their design calls for the use of more than 300 deployable truss modules that could be unfolded to form a scaffolding upon which a commensurate number of small mirror plates could be placed to create a large segmented mirror.
The basic principle lies in mechanically bending the mirror plates and holding them in position, so as to create a perfect parabola.
We also have a large range of glassware, birdcages, mirror plates, tea light holders and candelabra's.
They have ripped the two pieces from the wall, in one case leaving the mirror plates and in the other they have just left the plugs.