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intr.v. scried (skrīd), scry·ing, scries (skrīz)
To see or predict the future by means of a crystal ball.

[Short for descry.]
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Divination by gazing into a reflective surface. There are many different forms, including crystallomancy, catoptromancy, and hydromancy.
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In a study set-up, under controlled laboratory conditions, 50 healthy young adults, after about one minute of mirror-gazing, began to perceive strange-face apparitions [1].
Once Papa Smurf (the late Jonathan Winters) realizes that Smurfette has been abducted, he deputizes Clumsy Smurf (Anton Yelchin), Grouchy Smurf (George Lopez) and the mirror-gazing Vanity Smurf (John Oliver) to go with him to the rescue.
Well, Gough's niece and sister-in-law listened to his spinechilling tales of mirror-gazing, and of how irresponsible girls used it to see their future husbands.
The only way to do this is to be more client-focused than your mirror-gazing competitors.
Whitener feels that "mirror-gazing" has increased in the past 20 years, leading to an erosion of the expressiveness of epaulement.
Members are encouraged to make use of the gymnasium, but are required to observe that showboating and mirror-gazing are contrary to the ethos of the club;
If we are to be "doers of the word, and not merely hearers who deceive themselves" (James 1:22), we must avoid the narcissistic temptation toward mirror-gazing and adopt a religious life with a fixed focus on caring for orphans and widows (James 1:23, 27).
It could be your girlfriend is feeling shut out by your mirror-gazing. If you spend your time looking over her shoulder at your own reflection when making love then you're not really giving her the emotional connection required to get her sexually aroused.
If you've kick-started the bikini season with agonised mirror-gazing and rueful poking of flab, as all around you others display their perfect physiques, don't despair.