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A village community of peasant farmers in prerevolutionary Russia.

[Russian, peace, mir, from Old Russian mirŭ, peace, from Proto-Slavic *mirŭ; akin to Latvian miers and Old Lithuanian mieras, peace.]


n, pl miri (ˈmiri)
(Historical Terms) a peasant commune in prerevolutionary Russia
[literally: world]


(Astronautics) the Russian (formerly Soviet) manned space station launched in February 1986 and scuttled in 2001
[C20: Russian: peace]



n., pl. mi•ri (ˈmɪər i)
a village commune of peasant farmers in czarist Russia.
[1875–80; < Russian]


Middle Irish.
References in classic literature ?
Ach, Herr Carey, Sie mussen mir nicht du sagen--you mustn't talk to me in the second person singular.
0ne night, a very long time ago, I drove to an Indian military cantonment called Mian Mir to see amateur theatricals.
They would have flung thee out at Mian Mir but for me.
Gehe mir aus dem Gesicht, oder ich schlag dich todt
The common methodology to determine miRs in various cases is ideally by northern blot analysis, but its drawback is that this procedure requires an increased quantity of blood, approximately 100ml, for proper results.
1% of JSC Detsky Mir (Detsky Mir or Detsky Mir Group or the Group) to the Russia-China Investment Fund (RCIF) for a total consideration of RUB 9.
Some miRs are specifically associated with breast cancer and are affected by cancer-restricted signaling pathways e.
Given the growing importance of miRs, it is of high interest to determine whether measurements of the amount of miR deregulation can help to classify breast carcinomas and provide prognostic information.