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n.1.Wrong adjustment; unsuitable arrangement.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The argument for choosing these update relations is that LMS algorithm has been shown to have a reasonable misadjustment performance in non-stationary variable tracking [35].
Liu, "The misadjustment analysis of BP algorithm and an improved algorithm," Acta Electronica Sinica, vol.
There is a trade-off between fast convergence rate and small mean square error or misadjustment. When u decreases, both the convergence rate and misadjustment decrease.
The parameter L is usually called the projection order; if it is increased, the convergence speed also increases, but the computational cost and final residual error (misadjustment) increase as well.
However, these sparsity-aware LMS algorithms are sensitive to the noise and the sparsity characteristics of the channel, which results in high steady-state misadjustment due to the estimation error that occurs in the adaptation.
With high eigenvalue spread, it is well known that NLMS-PTEQ has poor performance in the sense of convergence rate and steady-state misadjustment; this can be also seen through simulations in Section 3.
According to Santaemilia, "self-censorships may include all the imaginable forms of elimination, distortion, downgrading, misadjustment, infidelity, and so on" (2008: 224).
It was identified a bias current which reflect a misadjustment of the servo-valve.
Misadjustment Scale (IS) (Echeburua, Corral, & Fernandez-Montalvo, 2000).
Variable step size adaptive schemes offer a possible solution allowing achieving both fast initial convergence and low steady state misadjustment [3-7].
Misadjustment in the cistern (fashionably hidden behind the wall, naturally) causing an overflow back into the toilet.
The parameter step size [mu] controls the rate of convergence of the algorithm and its misadjustment. The convergence of this algorithm is governed by the parameter step size [mu] whose value determines a trade off between convergence speed and steady state misadjustment.