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Hatred or mistrust of men.

[miso- + Greek anēr, andr-, man (on the model of misogyny); see -andry.]

mi·san′drist n.
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Call me a misandrist, but the fact is every Pakistani woman, nay women all over the world who have had to deal with harassment on a daily basis, will become a misandrist.
To recapitulate, we must applaud feminism for its contributions towards making our societies more equitable and just, and less sexist although more work remains to be done, and in its bid to eliminate misogyny, misandrist talk must not be given a free reign.
It is mere fabrication that all feminists are radical misandrist. They hate men and the institution of family.
There will, no doubt, be viewers who will cry foul and call this vision of manhood at best uncharitable and, at worst, misandrist. But it is a novelty to find women depicted not as passive victims but as multidimensional and - hold on to your hats - not always sympathetic beings.
The quick-witted, fat misandrist is also a stereotype, yet Linda indicates that she exceeds this category as well, lamenting to Steven that her fatness--the unruliness that is inherent in it and that she adopts because of it--prevents her from realising romance and sexuality:
He also wrote that changing from one gender to another is in fact "sexist, misandrist, homophobic, and further damages the lives of the mentally ill." After the article was heavily criticized and reported for violating guidelines by the Thought Catalog community, McInnes went on to create his own podcast called "(https://www.dailymotion.com/Freespeechpodcast) Free Speech with Gavin McInnes ." 
He tweeted: "In response to @ jessphillips - a great women's rights campaigner - being called a misandrist (a man-hater) last night on Twitter, I tweeted in a way that was beneath the dignity expected of vicars and of the situation.
Misandrist and sexist article I FOUND the article in the Echo about man flu offensive ("Man flu epidemic hits Wales", November 18).
It is the men's quest to perform a successful revolution liberating themselves from unnatural oppression at the hands of militant, misandrist women.
The term misandrist, by the way, is employed to explain a 'man-hater'!
There quickly comes a point, however, at which Hester's passionate declarations of misandrist feminism fail to "convert" Tituba.