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n.1.A misanthrope.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"From Ladd's Hill to Land's End (and Back Again): Narrative, Rhythm, and the Transatlantic Occasions of 'Misanthropos.'" Weiner, At the Barriers: 105-126.
Se advierte una clara intencionalidad apologetica: los cristianos no solo no son misanthropos, sino que son los que superan a todos en philanthropia.
Sometimes he names the acts, as for Timon of Athens: "Timon the Bountiful"; "The Reckoning"; "Timon Transformed and Alcibiades Banished"; "The New Life as Misanthropos"; "Timon's Death and Alcibiades' Victory" Sometimes he works through explaining technical devices, most based on Aristotle's formulae, as the hubris ("pride" or "excess") that makes Coriolanus into a sufficient scapegoat for tragic catharsis.
In 1965 Gunn finished the sequence Misanthropos, whose protagonist thinks himself the last man alive on earth, and learns otherwise in the final lines.
He dies beyond the civitas, nameless like his kindred exile, Timon of Athens, who renamed himself Misanthropos and devised his own lonely epitaph: 'Here lies a wretched corse, of wretched soul bereft; / Seek not my name .
Touch (1967) contains two groups of poems, the first about rebirth, the second, Misanthropos, seventeen lyrics about the last man on earth after atomic war.
Timon has left behind only the faintest of traces, even his name having been replaced by the generic label misanthropos, if the first of the two epitaphs is taken as the one to be kept.