a.1.Improperly appreciated.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Sevilla, in a social media post, called on teachers to "work together" instead of "throwing blames and fault at each other." Malaluan, ACT said, insisted that Briones' statement on teachers' call for pay hike has been "misappreciated."
Deguito insisted that Judge Untalan misunderstood the meaning of a money, laundering offense under the law, misappreciated the facts and the evidence, and imposed the wrong penalty on her.
the court misappreciated the facts and evidence and 3.
In her motion, Deguito said that Judge Cesar Untalan misappreciated the facts and evidence presented in her case and wrongfully convicted her of money laundering.
La Vina, he said, misappreciated the President's EJK 'only sin' remark.
He said he believed Laurea 'misappreciated' the information she had gathered on the judicial reform projects financed by the World Bank.
Aside from the Jardeleza decision, Tan also misappreciated, if not misrepresented, the Chief Justice's work for the Piatco cases.
The group sought the reversal of the ruling 'for failing to pass a strict scrutiny test' and estimated that some of their arguments might have been 'overlooked and misappreciated' by the high court.
Aquino appealed his case saying the Ombudsman 'misappreciated' the circumstances of his involvement in the botched operation.
In its motion for reconsideration, the Office of the Special Prosecutor under the Ombudsman said the Sandiganbayan Seventh Division misappreciated the facts of the case when it acquitted Acharon and two members of the Sanggunian Panlungsod (SP) Jose Orlando Acharon (Rep.
'The NPC misappreciated the role of the head of agency in a collegial body.