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1.(O. Law) An amercement.
2.(Anc. Armor.) A thin-bladed dagger; so called, in the Middle Ages, because used to give the death wound or "mercy" stroke to a fallen adversary.
3.(Eccl.) An indulgence as to food or dress granted to a member of a religious order.
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Et vobis quaso, domine reverendissime, pro misericordia vestra.
Francisco, El nombre de Dios es Misericordia, Barcelona: Planeta, 2016.
He was revived at Misericordia Hospital but later succumbed to the attack.
En estas condiciones, mucho se puede especular sobre la forma en que el Papa habria concebido su viaje y las motivaciones que podria haber invocado en el contexto del magisterio de paz y misericordia en el que esta empenado su pontificado.
At Misericordia University, about two-thirds of our students arrive with financial need that will not be met by the student or family.
La relacion con la misericordia se Ilumina tambien, descubriendo que ella mueve ante todo a obrar en el respeto de los derechos y a Ir generosamente mas alla en el amor pero sin ceder nunca a la Injusticia.
Biennial Colloquium Misericordia International (6th: 2003: Sheffield, the UK) Ed.
The Santa Casa da Misericordia Hospital is situated in downtown Rio de Janeiro and is one of the oldest health care institutions in Brazil, founded in 1582 by father Jose de Anchieta.
In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Misericordia Heart of Mercy, 6300 North Ridge Road, Chicago, IL 60660.
The European Commission has formally requested that Portugal amend allegedly discriminatory rules that tax foreign lottery winnings whilst exempting from income tax winnings from national lotteries, notably Euromilhoes e Liga dos Milhoes organised in Portugal by Santa Casa da Misericordia de Lisboa.
4) This essay seeks to establish that at the end of the Middle Ages, in commissioning a loggia in the form of a domical canopy, the members of the Misericordia Confraternity knowingly and purposefully invoked several readily recognizable artistic conventions of that era to provide their foundation with its own shelter of sanctity, imbuing it with an aura of the divine.
This activity is part of the actions of Cultural Diplomacy, this time it was developed due to the passing of the procession of Jesus Nazareno de la Misericordia of the Honor Guard .