n.1.Wrong expression.
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Any malfunction in this sensor may result in the initiation of the rejection process via a misexpression with intestinal antibacterial peptides and other alterations in innate immune responses.
Targeted misexpression of a Drosophila opsin gene leads to altered visual function.
This includes establishing a detail map of candidates expressions to evaluate their place and time of action, and a phenotypic analysis of inactivation mutants and overexpressors to assess the consequences of gene misexpression on plant development.
Misexpression of the opaque-phase-specific gene PEP1 (SAP1) in the white phase of Candida albicans confers increased virulence in a mouse model of cutaneous infection.
The variation noted in this present case can be attributed to misexpression of one or more transcription factors as mentioned above.
Its misexpression patterns have also been shown to act as biomarkers of cancer outcome.
Some of the mechanisms these cells use to deregulate key normal cell cycle checkpoint controls are CDKN2A/B misexpression and activation of pro-survival signals such as the PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway.
We hypothesized that misexpression of these early development transcription factors contributed to abnormal oviduct morphogenesis in Gen-treated mice.
2003), the misexpression of Shh is a common requirement for generating extra digits (Lettice et al.
In the eye, we made clones of bunched mutant cells and observed misexpression of mirror (mirr) indicating a reciprocal relationship with bunched.
For example, in the rat, the misexpression of Hoxa1 leads to ectopic differentiation of vestibuloacoustic (VII) motor neuron in rhombomere 2.
Mutations in and misexpression of particular Hox genes have resulted in the transformation of segment identity (e.