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also Mish·na  (mĭsh′nə)
n. Judaism
1. The first section of the Talmud, being a collection of early oral interpretations of the scriptures as compiled about ad 200.
2. A paragraph from this section of the Talmud.
3. The teaching of a rabbi or other noted authority on Jewish laws.

[Mishnaic Hebrew mišnâ, repetition, instruction, from šānâ, to repeat; see ṯn in Semitic roots.]

Mish·na′ic (mĭsh-nā′ĭk) adj.
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(ˈmɪʃnə; Hebrew miʃˈna)
n, pl Mishnayoth (mɪʃˈnɑːjəʊt; Hebrew miʃnaˈjɔt)
(Judaism) Judaism a compilation of precepts passed down as an oral tradition and collected by Judah ha-Nasi in the late second century ad. It forms the earlier part of the Talmud. See also Gemara
[C17: from Hebrew: instruction by repetition, from shānāh to repeat]
Mishnaic, ˈMishnic, ˈMishnical adj
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Noun1.Mishna - the first part of the TalmudMishna - the first part of the Talmud; a collection of early oral interpretations of the scriptures that was compiled about AD 200
Talmud - the collection of ancient rabbinic writings on Jewish law and tradition (the Mishna and the Gemara) that constitute the basis of religious authority in Orthodox Judaism
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Professor Ramona Alaggia, a former associate dean and non-Jewish, sent an e-mail to seven Jewish faculty members, including Mishna, on November 27, when the story first broke.
As Mishna, McLuckie, and Saini (2009) suggest, frequent Internet usage by youths aged 11 to 24 can cause sexual abuse and bullying.
According to the Mishna, in those days people blew trumpets, strummed harps and lyres, played the flute and beat the cymbal.
El primer Codigo de Ley oral estructurado se conoce con el nombre de Mishna (60, texto que sirvio de base para posteriores discusiones y precisiones y para sentar jurisprudencia.
<![CDATA[ Winners of 7th annual nationwide Mishna Quiz, held in Efrat on Wednesday, are crowned: Alon Simon of Jerusalem and Yair Shmuel Cohen from Elkanah.]]>
(19.) Rambam's commentary to the Mishna, Sanhedrin, 1:3.
The Talmud, that is the Mishna and the Gemara, is the record of these investigations, debates, and decisions, and it became the template for further commentaries, the even more elaborate midrashim, which are considered no less worthy of citation by subsequent generations of rabbis and teachers.
Mishna Wolff, a writer and humorist, grew up in Seattle in the 1970s and 1980s and now lives in New York.
CS was also known to the Jews because the Mishna (body of Jewish religious law) of 140 BC stated that '...
Although some reasons for children and youths' nondisclosure of their cyber abuse parallel those in the traditional bullying literature, such as fear of retaliation and worsening of the abuse or that telling adults will not help (Clarke & Kiselica, 1997; Mishna & Alaggia, 2005), some reasons are unique to the cyber world.