Santa Gertrudis

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San·ta Ger·tru·dis

 (săn′tə gər-tro͞o′dĭs)
n. pl. Santa Gertrudis
Any of a breed of large beef cattle that are highly resistant to heat and insects, developed in the United States by crossing Brahmans and shorthorns.

[After the Santa Gertrudis section of the King Ranch in Kingsville, Texas.]

Santa Gertrudis

(ˈsæntə ɡəˈtruːdɪs)
(Breeds) one of a breed of large red beef cattle developed in Texas

San′ta Ger•tru′dis

(gərˈtru dɪs)
any of an American breed of beef cattle, developed from Shorthorn and Brahman stock for endurance in hot climates.
[1940–45, Amer.; after a ranch in Texas]
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Noun1.Santa Gertrudis - Brahman and shorthorn crossbreed of red cattleSanta Gertrudis - Brahman and shorthorn crossbreed of red cattle; hardy in hot regions
beef, beef cattle - cattle that are reared for their meat
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