n. & a.1.See Maslin.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Hence our early commitment to REACH without the slightest hesitation - because it's our nature," comments Carole Mislin, Global Head of Product Stewardship at Archroma.
Looking beyond those two studies, among 38 trust games summarized in Johnson and Mislin (2011), on average, Player A sends 50.8% of A's endowment to Player B.
Mislin traces the process by which anxieties about declining religious commitments prompted two generations of liberal Protestant leaders to affirm the diversity of beliefs and practices around them.
From notes taken by Indira Chatterji, With an appendix by Guido Mislin.
Second, SET has been utilized in previous negotiation research (Bottom, Holloway, Miller, Mislin & Whitford, 2006; Buchan, Croson & Johnson, 2004; Wolfe & McGinn, 2005).
It was shown that various forms of communications inferred value and reward at little cost therefore reinforcing the idea that entering into the relationship would be beneficial to the client (Bottom, Holloway, Miller, Mislin, & Whitford, 2006).
Our coach Slovoljub Mislin worked with Paul Le Guen at Lyon, so he is a man of some knowledge.
We thank (in alphabetical order) Todd Blackledge, Andreas Lang, Viktor Mislin, George Uetz, Fritz Vollrath, Andre Walter and two anonymous reviewers for advice and help on the practical side of spider keeping, for discussion, and for comments on the manuscript.
(Eds H Mislin, O Ravera) (Birkhauser: Basel, Boston, Stuttgart) Experientia Supplementum 50, 87-96.
Professor Ben Mislin, director of the Institute for Arable Crops, said: "Obviously we have to be cautious, but the technology has great potential.
Mislin, Cohomology of classifying spaces of complex Lie groups and related discrete groups, Comment.