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n.1.One who manages ill.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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West Brom bigwigs are believed to have tapped up Roy Hodgson to replace Pulis and that hints at one thing very clearly - they never saw England v Iceland, or any Liverpool match when Hodgson was mismanager there.
The prototypical borrower is the mismanager of a desperately poor nation: infrastructure is crumbling or nonexistent; education is rotten; corruption is normal (it may be decentralized and uncontrolled, or top-down and more manageable); the government owns major economic enterprises and controls key prices; government spending far exceeds revenue; debt is high and commercial lending to the government has come to a halt; foreign investors are fleeing with whatever cash they can carry out (which may be partly limited by attempts to control the flow of capital); and, owing to a fixed exchange rate, a balance of payments crisis builds.
The sweet and gentle Shakespeare could be thought of as belonging to a better class of people, while Henslowe might be imaged as an "unscrupulous mismanager" who "employed" a bunch of "hack-writers" to patch up plays or scribble new ones in collaboration for quick consumption at his theater, the Rose, and who imposed an "autocratic rule" on the players.
Aside from having to learn a new way of working and a host of new commands, you must get used to the many icons and the Windows tools--especially the File Manager, which some Windows users call the "File Mismanager." But, as many CPAs have concluded, the switch to Windows is inevitable--so you might as well get aboard, and the sooner, the better.
Uwe Rosler, the German gaffer who isn't Jurgen Klopp, was the latest mismanager of the month at Elland Road, lasting just 12 matches before being replaced by Steve Evans.