v. t.1.To regulate wrongly or imperfectly; to fail to regulate.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The ciRS-7 deficiency in neocortex (Brodmann A22) and hippocampal CA1 has been recognized to misregulate ciRS-7-miRNA-7-UBE2A circuit and then results in sporadic Alzheimer's disease [16].
Although further experiments need to be performed to elucidate the exact role of GCR2 in growth and cell cycle progression, preliminary studies suggest that a defect in glycolysis may seem to misregulate cell cycle progression.
"By understanding how cells are normally programmed to the totipotent state, and how they develop from that totipotent state into specific cell types, we hope to better understand how cancer cells misregulate this process, and to use that knowledge to help us devise strategies to reverse this process," he said.
The objections to domestic consideration of foreign effects seem to be grounded in concerns that the United States will blunder and misregulate, or vastly overregulate, with slight benefit to foreigners and certain loss for Americans.
These data show that in our experimental conditions a doubling of miR-29b level was sufficient to misregulate collagen synthesis in ATDC5 cells and suggests that collagen type II dysregulation was related to the translational step rather than to the transcriptional one, or to mRNA stability.
Modeling ALS with iPSCs Reveals that Mutant SOD1 Misregulates Neurofilament Balance in Motor Neurons.
5 Many western analysts have misforecast Russian macroeconomic behavior because the concepts they employ, like excess aggregative effective demand, suppose reasonably well functioning markets, not a system where the state pervasively misregulates aggregate economic activity.
Du et al., "Modeling ALS with iPSCs reveals that mutant SOD1 misregulates neurofilament balance in motor neurons," Cell Stem Cell, vol.