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1. An argument; a go-round.
2. An evasive excuse; a runaround.
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Noun1.go-around - an approach that fails and gives way to another attempt
landing approach - the approach to a landing field by an airplane
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That is also answered in 5-421.h.: "If unable to contact ATC, and in the pilot's judgment it is no longer appropriate to fly the published missed approach procedure, then consider either maintaining visual conditions if practicable and reattempt a landing, or a circle-climb over the airport."
Perhaps it involves trimming for the approach and not the miss, failure to set climb power or a reluctance to climb away from the runway we wanted to land on--or some combination--but many pilots seem to motor off along something resembling the missed approach procedure without really climbing as they should.
But, if you are just a little patient and wait until you're on the missed approach procedure, you can easily fly the same approach again, load another approach at the same airport, or even load an approach at a different airport.
Flying in IMC at 120 knots indicated, Diane had to arrest her descent, initiate a climb, reconfigure the airplane (gear up, flaps up) and navigate to the first fix of the missed approach procedure. All in IMC with zero visibility.
The alternate missed approach holding point is based on a different navaid, and has an entire alternate missed approach procedure, which is only available to pilots through ATC or NOTAM.
When it became obvious to the pilot--if it ever did--that the approach wasn't going to work, executing the missed approach procedure would have been a good choice, also.
* Missed Approach procedure (course, altitude, and fix)
Whether you're flying an RNAV/ GPS approach or using an IFR approach-certified GPS to supplement ground-based approach navigation such as an ILS, chances .are you'll use it for guidance when you need to fly a missed approach procedure. Assuming you've set it up properly, your GPS will track and guide your progress down the final approach course to the missed approach point (MAP).
Fly the ILS and you can load the ILS Rwy 11 into the GPS for assistance and for flying the missed approach procedure.
Near Lake Placid, N.Y., the problem involved programming the box during the missed approach procedure, which resulted in a CFIT.