n.1.The mistletoe.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Former ABT soloist Carla Stallings Lippert's daughter Carolyn Lippert is also a current member of the corps, and former soloist Yan Chen's 17-year-old daughter, Chloe Misseldine, is a rising ABT Studio Company star.
Misseldine and Lippert both began dancing for fun around the house and in the dance studio with their moms.
As a child, Misseldine studied at Orlando Ballet School, where her mother is a ballet master for the company.
Andrew Misseldine, assistant professor of mathematics at SUU, published a case study comparing students who used OER for their textbooks with students who used traditional textbooks.
"This follows the national trend that adopting OER materials seems to be helping students persevere in the class," said Misseldine. "Disenfranchised students end up staying in the class, and probably passing the class where they may otherwise have dropped out because of money or other personal reasons that OER helps remedy."
Conference of Mayors, which in June passed a resolution encouraging mayors to phase out city spending on bottled water and promote the safety of municipal water, according to Carol Misseldine, coordinator for Green Cities California.
Bottled water is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, which has less stringent standards than the Environmental Protection Agency, which monitors municipal water supplies, noted Misseldine in the announcement released today.
People living with HIV/AIDS who are unable to disclose their HIV status to family, friends, and others in their social networks have less social support and fewer coping resources and experience greater emotional distress than do individuals who are able to disclose their HIV status (Parsons, Misseldine, Van Ora, Purcell, & Gomez, 2004).
Parsons, J., Misseldine, W., Van Ora, J., Purcell, D., & Gomez, C.
The final contest became a dramatic affair when newly-crowned Warwickshire Closed champion Prime led 2-1 against Andrew Misseldine but the Oxford player took the match.
Matharu had arguably the best win of his career against Andrew Misseldine, who beat Prime 11-5 in the fifth to snatch a draw for the visitors.
That dreary cliche about Asians, their monochromatic "inscrutability," falls away as she proudly whips out photos of husband Peter Misseldine, and three-year-old son Adam ("Isn't he great?").