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n.1.See Mystery, a trade.
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Readers summarizes five proposals to discover the mistery of the city in Revelation 11: a) Rome; b) Jerusalem; c) the non-Messianic Judaism; d) the world of the nonbelievers; e) the Apostate Church (Reader 1981: 431-434).
Helwys had set the precedent for Baptists advocating for complete religious liberty in England with his 1612 A Short Declaration of the Mistery of Iniquity, which called for complete freedom of conscience for all.
"Obatala, Owner of the World, the One Versed In Mistery Chucho Valdez, Pedrito Martinez, and Wynton Marsalis." Program Notes.
Como escribe el filosofo frances Emmanuel Levinas, el otro no es "otro yo" que participa conmigo en una existencia comun, la relacion con el otro no es de idilica y armoniosa comunion; el "yo" se reconoce en el otro porque le recuerda a el mismo pero, al mismo tiempo, el otro es algo exterior: "the relationship with the other is a relationship with a Mistery" ("la relacion con el otro es una relacion con un Misterio") (1987, p.
Tenders are invited for Const of street h/0 zile singh mistery to h/0 vilasha in w.
However, his alignment with far-right and anti-Semitic groups such as the English Mistery and the English Array, and his early appreciation of National Socialism (he wrote to Joseph Goebbels in 1933, and the same year defended Nazi persecution of the Jews in a letter he attempted to publish in The Times), places him undeniably in the camp of far-right fellow-travellers.
Se o conto anterior continha elementos que o identificavam ao Livro das Mil e Urna Noites, este faz referencias constantes as narrativas policiais, incluindo urna mencao direta a "The Purloined Letter", de Edgar Alian Poe, e a The Big Bow Mistery, de Israel Zangwill.
Defoe argued in 1701 that the new "Mistery or Machine of
Surrealismo destilado, el sueno de Laura sobre gemelos desata el azar de la experiencia inmediata en encuentros con gemelos; o la improbable, pero real presencia de Masatoshi Na gase (Mistery Train, 1989) con su alucinante pregunta: "Perdone, ?es usted poeta?"
Wh y there is little direct competition for food or territorial disputes is a mistery, and perhaps we humans have something to learn from them about peaceful co-existence with other cultures" (Slater, 2014a).