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v. i.1.To fall in very fine drops, as rain; to drizzle.
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Mistle Thrush in my Apple Tree, by Ron Firby, of Norton
By using local seed stock and innovative propagation techniques, the trust and Forestry Commission hope to give nature a helping hand, with the measures favouring declining bird species such as dunnock, mistle thrush, song thrush, tree pipit, woodcock and black grouse.
Of these Scandinavian thrushes, the larger fieldfares are comparable in both size and nature with our mistle thrushes but with grey heads and grey rumps, whilst the smaller redwings are about the same size as our song thrushes.
Mick Dittman 65 Australian Hall of Fame jockey; Sean Woods 52 trainer of Mistle Cat & Atlantis Prince; Anthea Morshead 55 clerk of the course at Kelso & Cartmel/assistant clerk at York; Gavin Lerena 32 champion jockey in South Africa 2014-15; Lucy Alexander (pictured) 27 champion conditional jockey 2012-13; Nelson Guest 75 former trainer in Denmark & Newmarket; John Morrison 55 trainer of Acey Deucey; Patti Earnhardt 60 joint owner-breeder of Indian Blessing; Bob Bowden 75 owner of Ushers Island; Jonathan Mullin 39 HRI director of communications & public affairs; Bob Butchers 93 Newsboy of the Daily Mirror 1946-85; Elizabeth Murphy 62 breeder & owner Please notify birthday greetings to us at least one week before publication
Peregrine falcons, sparrowhawks, mistle thrushes and Canadian geese have all been spotted, as well as reports of barn owls making this site their home.
It has four festive pies on its Christmas menu, including Mistle Moo, with steak, stilton, chestnut, bacon and port, and the Three Kings, with turkey, bacon, parsnip and cranberry.
Lush red berries are popular with blackbirds, mistle thrushes, redstarts, redwings, waxwings and fieldfares.
Watch out for blackbirds, rooks and mistle thrushes getting a head start.
RESTING THEIR WINGS: Left, a redwing and a mistle thrush.
Among them grey heron and little egret, great black-backed gull and black-headed gull, great spotted woodpecker, blackcap and whitethroat, song thrush and mistle thrush, and yellowhammer and reed bunting.
Dunnock, song thrush and great tit can now be heard during breaks in the freezing weather and the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) is starting to receive the first reports of nesting birds, with mallard, moorhen and mistle thrush already known to have fledged chicks earlier than usual.
The latest species to face a dim, dodolike future is the once-chirpy mistle thrush.