café au lait

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ca·fé au lait

 (kă-fā′ ō lā′)
1. Coffee served with hot milk.
2. A light coffee hue. See Note at beignet.

[French : café, coffee + à, with + lait, milk.]

café au lait

(kafe o lɛ)
1. (Cookery) coffee with milk
2. (Colours)
a. a light brown colour
b. (as modifier): café-au-lait brocade.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: au lait - equal parts of coffee and hot milk
coffee, java - a beverage consisting of an infusion of ground coffee beans; "he ordered a cup of coffee"
caffè latte
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Bless yo' soul, Misto Wilson, it's pow'ful nice o' you to say dat,
Oh, I kin tell 'em 'part, Misto Wilson, but I bet Marse Percy couldn't, not to save his life.
You know that one-laigged nigger dat b'longs to old Misto Bradish?
Todavia, no delineamento longitudinal misto, para o sexo masculino o PVE ocorreu um ano antes (11 anos) do PVMC (12 anos), enquanto que no sexo feminino essa diferenca foi de dois anos (PVE aos 10 anos e PVMC aos 12 anos de idade).
Create your own antipasti plate with the selection of Italian sliced hams and meats which includes Mortadella Bologna and Misto Emiliano Sausage - each for just PS2.
One of the girls, Marina Binimeliz, who he took back to his home in Rio, revealed that they ate peanuts, Doritos, crisps, chicken nuggets and slices of pineapple while the 'Baby' singer gorged on Brazilian Misto Quente and Toblerone.
I's President appreciated those in charge of the production of the program, especially the program brainchild, Amir Al-Humoud, media person Nagham Misto, as well as the Bahrain TV technical and administrative staff.
2] em diferentes proporcoes em massa obtem-se um oxido misto com maior tenacidade [12, 16, 17].
For our starters, we ordered the antipasto misto, which made for a great vegetarian option.
Sve misto si jiste najde i u pracovniku, kteri resi a planuji pouziti armady v krizovych situacich na vlastnim uzemi.
For starters, we had Antipasta Misto, a selection of grilled vegetable, seafood and marinated black olives, stuffed green olives, artichokes and capsicum stuffed with cream cheese.