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A language family of Central America including Miskito.

[Coined by John Alden Mason (1885-1967), American anthropologist and linguist, as a contraction of Misquito-Sumo-Matagalpan : Misquito, variant of Miskito + Sumo, Sumu, a group of Misumalpan languages of Nicaragua and Honduras + Matagalpa, extinct Misumalpan language of Nicaragua + -an.]
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A dozen clamoring refugees, some with knife cuts and slashes, pelted me with fractured Spanish and Misumalpan. "He kills all!" My cover unit was minutes away.
"Mayangna, a Sumu language: its variants and its status within Misumalpan".
"The puzzle of Ngabere auxiliaries: Grammatical reconstruction in Chibchan and Misumalpan".
In 1920, Walter Lehmann proposed the existence of genealogical relationship between the Chibchan and the Misumalpan languages.
Extending from eastem Honduras to Ecuador, this territory has the Chibchan language family at its center, but includes also: Lenca, Jicague, Misumalpan, Choco, Yurumangui, Timote-cuica, Jirajara, Betoy, Barbacoa, Paez, Camsa, Cofan, Esmeraldas, and portions of Carib, Maipuran (Arawakan), and Quechua.
Key words: History of linguistics, Lower Central America, periods, linguistical families; Lencan, Jicacan, Misumalpan, Chibchan, Chocoan.