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n.1.One who misunderstands.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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As we shall see, however, it's far from clear whether Posner is best classified as a kidnapper of pragmatism, a critic, or another "misunderstander"--or, indeed, as simply irrelevant to present concerns.
(129.) See e.g., Peirce, 6.604 collected papers, supra note 8 (1893) (explaining why Paul Carus's claim that his logic of science is positivistic is a "travesty"); William James, The Pragmatist Account of Truth and Its Misunderstanders, in the meaning of truth 99 (Frederick Burkhardt, Fredson Bowers, & Ignas Skrupskelis eds., 1975) (1909) (explaining how his account of truth has been misunderstood).
In today's narrative, Peter, who has just acknowledged Jesus as "the Christ," is given the initial role of "misunderstander." "He [Peter] took him aside and began to rebuke him."
-- Jihad Watch, an Islamaphobic web site, called Mehanna "a Misunderstander of Islam," then accused him of "plotting 'violent jihad.' "
Most of the generating programs built so far have not been embedded in some larger cognitive model, do not function in an interpersonal context, and perform no specific application task (although Tinholt and Nijholt's pronoun misunderstander attempts to move outside these limitations).
The pragmatist account of truth and its misunderstanders. The Philosophical Review, 17, 1-17.