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 (mī-tä′kē, -kĕ)
An edible polypore mushroom (Grifola frondosa) native to Japan and North America that produces large clusters of overlapping gray or brown fan-shaped caps, grows at the base of trees or in cultivation, and is prized in Japanese cuisine and used as a dietary supplement. Also called hen of the woods.

[Japanese, dancing mushroom (from the resemblance of the layered, frondlike caps to the long fluttering sleeves of traditional Japanese dancers) : mai-, stem of mau, to dance (from Old Japanese mahu) + take, mushroom (from Old Japanese).]
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Vice-President and Head of AI Office, NTT Communications, Yasuhiro Mitake said: "Instead of uploading data that may contain some classified information of users directly to a public cloud, the system uses individually customised cloud server to keep the security of stored data.
In Katsube Mitake [phrase omitted], Matsumoto Sannosuke [phrase omitted], and Okuchi Yujiro [phrase omitted], eds., Katsu Kaishu zenshu [phrase omitted], vol.
Kazunori Itani, Tsuyoshi Mitake, and Kazuhito Yuhashi performed the analyses and commented on the drafts of the manuscript.
Development of Taiwan's major players by sector in the IT software market, such as DSC, ICSC (InfoChamp Systems), Syscom, Mitake, Trend Micro, PenPower, Cyberlink, Adobe, and Chunghwa Telecom, Advantech,
Again and again in her early discursive work--especially Katatsumori (1994) and Ten Mitake (See Heaven, 1995)--Kawase trains the camera on her grandmother Una whilst she is going about her domestic chores of cooking, cleaning and gardening.
NOTES Shiitake, oyster, and mitake (also called maitake or hen of the woods) are great here, but button or cremini mushrooms work well too.
A foreign national without suffrage has cast votes for the House of Councillors election on July 11 under the pre-election voting system at Mitake town in Gifu Prefecture due to an oversight by officials, the town's election board said Tuesday.
near the summit station of the cable car ride in the Nagano Prefecture village of Mitake, the two fell a distance of some 20 meters.
I felt that popularity of volleyball was going down, and the decline in the national team's performance could be the one of the reasons,'' head coach Kazuya Mitake said.
The Nagoya High Court on Tuesday upheld a lower court ruling rejecting a damages suit filed by long-term Korean residents in Mitake, Gifu Prefecture, who demanded compensation for being barred from a local referendum on a waste-disposal plant in 1997 because they were not Japanese citizens.