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Noun1.Mitchella - creeping evergreen herbs of North AmericaMitchella - creeping evergreen herbs of North America
asterid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous herbs and some trees and shrubs
family Rubiaceae, madder family, Rubiaceae - widely distributed family of mostly tropical trees and shrubs and herbs; includes coffee and chinchona and gardenia and madder and bedstraws and partridgeberry
boxberry, Mitchella repens, partridgeberry, twinberry - creeping woody plant of eastern North America with shiny evergreen leaves and scarlet berries
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In small openings on mossy ridge tops is found partridge berry (Mitchella repens) and pussy toes (Antennaria plantaginifolia) in abundance.
Mitchella Vineyard & Winery's shrimp taco in a jicama "tortilla" earned first place, and Midnight Cellars won the people's choice award with beef Wellington.
The genus name, Mitchella, was given by Carl Linnaeus, commonly known as the father of taxonomy.
Genera incertae sedis: Aeranthera; Airosperma; Aleisanthia; Aleisanthiopsis; Aoranthe; Aphanocarpus; Ariadne; Augusta; Calycosiphonia; Coryphothamnus; Crossopteryx; Dunnia; Greeniopsis; Jaekiopsis; Kajewskiella; Lathraeocarpa; Lindenia; Mitchella; Mussaendopsis; Myrioneuron; Pagameopsis; Petitiocoden; Plaeoearpa; Sacosperma; Stephanoeoccus; Trailliaedoxa; Wendlandia
obtusa HENOO 0.03 (0.02) -- Hydrastis canadensis HYCA 0.05 (0.05) -- Lindera benzoin LIBE3 1.02 (0.58)a 0.17 (0.09)a Mitchella repens MIRE 0.09 (0.07)a 0.02 (0.02)a Monotropa uniflora MOUN3 0.03 (0.02)a 0.05 (0.03)a Galearis spectabilis GASP5 0.02 (0.02) -- Osmorhiza claytoni OSCL 0.52 (0.19)a 0.11 (0.07)a Dichanthelium boscii DIBO2 -- 0.03 (0.02) Dichanthelium commutatum DICO2 -- 0.13 (0.09) Dichanthelium dichotomum var.
MitchellA. Hmm, the problem here is you're not taking time to recharge your batteries.
Crowley has also declared Mitchella, who has been running well over hurdles and could get into the shake-up.
Walsh had a much easier time on Askthejudge in the maiden hurdle, with the 1-2 favourite cruising to the front after two out to beat Mitchella by a comfortable three lengths.
Smilax (Smilax sp.), Virginia creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia (L.) Planch.), poison ivy, muscadine grape (Vitis rotundifolia Michx.) and partridge-berry (Mitchella repens L.) were commonly intersected in the other plots.
divaricatus, Athyrium felix-femina, Berberis thunbergii, Brachyelytrum erectum, Clintonia borealis, Corylus cornuta, Crataegus sp., Dennstaedtia punctilobula, Diervilla lonicera, Dryopteris carthusiana/intermedia, Gaultheria procumbens, Ilex verticillata, Lonicera canadensis, Lycopodium obscurum, Lysimachia quadrifolia, Maianthemum canadense, Medeola virginiana, Mitchella repens, Onoclea sensibilis, Osmunda Cinnamomea, 0.
The result is a text that seems to out-Joyce Joyce in its clever reconstructions of language ("hedge-hognight"; "Tail whiterising dollars") and its sliding signifiers ("Mountainsin medicinal Mitchella").