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Noun1.Mitella - genus of low slender herbs of North America and northeastern Asia having flowers with trifid or pinnatifid petalsMitella - genus of low slender herbs of North America and northeastern Asia having flowers with trifid or pinnatifid petals
rosid dicot genus - a genus of dicotyledonous plants
family Saxifragaceae, Saxifragaceae, saxifrage family - a large and diverse family of evergreen or deciduous herbs; widely distributed in northern temperate and cold regions; sometimes includes genera of the family Hydrangeaceae
bishop's cap, miterwort, mitrewort - any of various rhizomatous perennial herbs of the genus Mitella having a capsule resembling a bishop's miter
Mitella diphylla, fairy cup - miterwort of northeastern North America usually with two opposite leaves on erect flowering stems that terminate in erect racemes of white flowers
five-point bishop's cap, Mitella pentandra - small plant with leaves in a basal cluster and tiny greenish flowers in slender racemes; northwestern North America to California and Colorado
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It is nevertheless striking that a bell-shaped third segment has only been found in cyprids from hard-bottom balanomorphans and in the very few pedunculated barnacles from this same habitat, namely, Pollicipes pollicipes and Capitulum mitella (Moyse et al.
e] moderat steep descending part of this bluff several of our pensilvania plants, as maiden hair, rattle snake golden rod, sweet roasted Sanicle, prenanthes, noble liverwort, Uvulary, berry bearing Solomon seal, mitella and many others.
Splash-cup dispersal mechanism in Chrysosplenium and Mitella.
Buttercup Achenes 1 Potentilla palustris Purple marshlocks Achenes 3 Mitella nuda Naked miterwort Seeds 2 Sparganium sp.
palliopunctatus, Nodilittorina aspera (Philippi, 1846), Nerita scabricosta Lamark, 1822, Isognomon janus Carpenter, 1857, Nodilittorina modesta (Philippi, 1846), Petaloconchus complicatus Dall, 1908, Chama echinata Broderip, 1835, Hoffmannola hansi Marcus & Marcus, 1967, Lottia mitella (Menke, 1847), Petaloconchus macrophragma Carpenter, 1857, Chiton articulatus Sowerby, 1832, Fissurella gemmata Menke, 1847 y Mancinella triangularis (Blainville, 1832)(Cuadro 4).
Os restos de fauna incluem principalmente conchas, (Anomalocardia brasiliana, Mitella guyanensis), peixes (Galeocerdo cuvier, Prionace glauca), e crustaceos, o que, segundo Garcia (1972), reflete grande parte da dieta proteica desses sambaquieiros.
Dexter, Sollershope Mitella, Mr and Mrs AJ Limb, Hereford.
The largest two genera, Mitella and Heuchera, consist of approximately 20 and 50 species, respectively.
Old Vinegar House, 34 Genethliou Mitella Street, Limassol.
The 10 species studied came from most major groups of cirripedes, and comprised shallow-water forms inhabiting hard bottoms (Capitulum mitella, Pollicipes pollicipes, Semihalanus balanoides, Austrominius modestus, Megabalanus rosa), sublittoral forms (Verruca stroemia, Scalpellum scalpellum), epibiotic forms settling on live, soft tissues (Balanus spongicola, Savignium crenatum), and a parasite (Peltogaster paguri).