Miter gauge

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(Carp.) a gauge for determining the angle of a miter.

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Set the fence a little long and use a miter gauge to cut one end.
High on a shelf in Mario Salazar's workshop in north Colorado Springs is an empty cardboard box that used to contain a Sears Craftsman Digital Miter Gauge.
Additionally, it features oversized cast-iron trunions, a 3-hp motor, miter gauge, dado throat plate, 10-in, blade capacity and a 5/8-in.
Set the saw's miter gauge to 45 degrees and cut one side of the roof angle.
In that situation, use the miter gauge to control the workpiece.
Note that one corner of wood is left square so miter gauge can be used for angles
An extra miter gauge isn't very expensive, but you can cut the cost to zero by making one yourself.
cast-iron table with a heavy-duty miter gauge and an aluminum extruded support.
Screw a long fence to your miter gauge and run the fence across the blade to cut a notch on the fence.
The shaper has a cast-iron frame and CNC precision ground table, spindle reversing switch, safety brake, micro adjustable fence, miter gauge, tour spindle speeds and magnetic starter with overload protection.
For easy and accurate crosscuts, mount a tall backer board to your miter gauge.