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Noun1.Mitford - United States writer (born in England) who wrote on American culture (1917-1996)
2.Mitford - English writer of comic novels (1904-1973)
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(1778-1830), a romantically dogmatic but sympathetically appreciative critic; Thomas de Quincey (1785-1859), a capricious and voluminous author, master of a poetic prose style, best known for his 'Confessions of an English Opium-Eater'; Walter Savage Landor (1775-1864), the best nineteenth century English representative, both in prose and in lyric verse, of the pure classical spirit, though his own temperament was violently romantic; Thomas Love Peacock (1785-1866), author of some delightful satirical and humorous novels, of which 'Maid Marian' anticipated 'Ivanhoe'; and Miss Mary Russell Mitford (1787-1855), among whose charming prose sketches of country life 'Our Village' is best and best-known.
As we might expect, Mitford's letters from the 1950s do not dwell on what she and Bob came to believe was the failure of the Communist leaders to reform the party or find constructive ways to move beyond the setbacks and struggles of the McCarthy years.
(2) Central to his interpretation is the powerful effect of Jessica Mitford's 1963 attack on the funeral industry, The American Way of Death, in shaping both public opinion and professional responses.
The Moreton-in Marsh office of Sheldon Bosley is to auction Mitford Oak House, a traditional property at Church Street in the admired conservation area of the old town.
Born into the aristocratic Mitford family on June 17, 1910, Mosley grew up in lavish surroundings, carving a name in society as one of the engaging Mitford sisters.
Aubrey Beardsley, Oscar Wilde, and Nancy Mitford rank high on his list of influences, although Morrissey is up there too.
Madame de Pompadour by Nancy Mitford is as much a cultural icon as a work of history.
It is moot whether the laurel should go to John Gillies or William Mitford. However, though Mitford's Greek history was not completed until 1810, his first volume appeared in 1784 and therefore predated Gillies' comprehensive critical two volume history, which was published in 1786.
TALES of the "mad, mad Mitford girls" captivated gossip-hungry Britain during the Second World War.
Now Mary S Lovell's biography, The Mitford Girls, (Little Brown, pounds 20) chronicling the lives of Nancy, Pamela, Diana, Decca, Unity and Debo Mitford makes captivating reading for anyone interested in 20th-century history and society.
The three hundred letters from Nancy Mitford and the two hundred from Evelyn Waugh (80 percent newly published in the first case, 40 percent in the second) contain a good deal of wit and very few commas.
Nancy Mitford was one of six daughters (and one son) of the 2nd Baron Redesdale.