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A city of east-central Honshu, Japan, northeast of Tokyo. It was the seat of powerful Tokugawa daimyos after 1600.
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If you're going to pay premium money for something sized somewhere between a supermini and a family hatchback, then you want it to feel pretty special inside as well as out - and the MiTo doesn't disappoint.
The MiTo took its time but it looks as though it's finally come of age.
Auto Evolution, an automotive news magazine, has revealed details of the facelifted Alfa Romeo MiTo hatchback.
The latest MiTo range has been thoroughly revised in recent times, with updates that go way beyond the normal bumpers, grilles and headlights job that most cars are treated to as they enter middle age.
Established in 1974 and located in Elkhart, Indiana, MITO is a leading distributor of high technology electronics to the transportation industry including recreational vehicle, specialty vehicle, emergency vehicle, marine and automotive after-markets.
e combination, which also incorporates an automatic start/stop system, means that this MiTo oC/ers signicant improvements in fuel economy and emissions over the model it has replaced - by 10 per cent to 52.
You can hardly call this latest MiTo modest with distinctive burnished finish on the headlight surrounds, front grille, door mirrors, door handles and tail-light surrounds, as well as its rear spoiler, sports rear bumper, twin chrome exhaust pipes, 18-inch alloy wheels, red Brembo brake callipers and, of course, the unmistakable Quadrifoglio Verde emblem on the front wings.
On twisty B-roads the MiTo clings tenaciously to bends but doesn't cope too well with poor surfaces or potholes, passing on their effects to within the cabin.
So much so that, with about 6500 sold, the MiTo accounted for more sales in 2009 than the complete Alfa range accomplished in the whole of the previous year.
The couple had known each other since 2005 and were married in March and Mito was then blocked from getting a UK entry visa.