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n. pl. mi·to·ses (-sēz) Biology
1. The process in cell division by which the nucleus divides, typically consisting of four stages, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase, and normally resulting in two new nuclei, each of which contains a complete copy of the parental chromosomes. Also called karyokinesis.
2. The entire process of cell division including division of the nucleus and the cytoplasm.

[Greek mitos, warp thread + -osis.]

mi·tot′ic (-tŏt′ĭk) adj.
mi·tot′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.mitotic - of or relating to or undergoing mitosis
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* Mitotic Index. This test measures the rate at which the malignant mast cells are dividing and populating at the time of biopsy (this is one of the tests in the Kiupel system of grading) and is now usually included in biopsy reports.
Microscopically, the two polyp-like lesions were attributed to GIST with spindle cell development and high mitotic index. Immunohistochemical examination was positive toward S100 antibodies (Figure 3), vimentin (Figure 4), and platelet-derived growth factor receptor alpha (PDGFRA) and negative toward CD34, CD117, smooth muscle antibody, DOG-1, and desmine.
12 NETs are classified into low, intermediate and high grade according to their mitotic index and Ki-67 index.
Leiomyosarcomas are tumors that, depending on characteristics such as differentiation and mitotic index, can be classified as well- or poorly-differentiated.
The mitotic index was two per 10 x 400 fields (2.37 [mm.sup.2]).
The slides were analyzed through a 'blind' test in a light microscopic with a 40 x objective determining the Mitotic Index (MI%).
Many parameters have been discussed, but four risk groups were recently accepted based on the tumor size and mitotic index (11).
In our patient, peritoneal carcinomatosis was excluded by histopathologic findings and the absence of primary carcinoma, and leiomyosarcoma was excluded because of the lack of atypia, pleomorphism, necrosis, and high mitotic index (2).
In the present study, 1H-indole-2,3-dione 3-[N-(4-sulfamoylphenyl)thiosemicarbazone] derivatives were evaluated for their anticancer activities and different cell death mechanisms using cell kinetic parameters including the cell index, mitotic index, labelling index and apoptotic index.
One thing the pathologist will look at is mitotic index. This is the rate at which the cancer cells are multiplying.
Based on application, the market is segmented into target identification and validation, primary and secondary screening, toxicity studies, compound profiling, and other applications such as angiogenesis, apoptosis, cell cycle and mitotic index, cell proliferation, endocytosis, protein synthesis, and stem cell differentiation.
They studied 94 consecutive patients with a confirmed diagnosis of TC (n = 75) or AC (n = 19) during a 14-year period at a single institution and found that the combination of mitotic index, Ki-67, and necrosis led to the classification of NETs into 4 different prognostic groups (very low, low, intermediate, and high risks of relapse).