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The Hindu god of friendship and alliances, usually invoked together with Varuna as an upholder of order, punisher of falsehood, supporter of heaven and earth, and bringer of rain.

[Sanskrit Mitraḥ, from mitraḥ, friend; see mei- in Indo-European roots.]
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Noun1.Mitra - Hindu god of friendship and alliancesMitra - Hindu god of friendship and alliances; usually invoked together with Varuna as a supporter of heaven and earth
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Mitra, who has over 15 years experience focusing on sovereign and country risk analysis and management, previously served for four years at Moody's as a sovereign analyst for Asia.
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Mitra didn't know what the day might bring, saying she'd had bad experiences with Indian shopkeepers even as a straight, second generationer.
Eventually Mitra allows Babak to dream for a wise man, or Magus, to raise the money needed to reunite them with their family.
Exxon Mobil today announced that its subsidiary, Esso Exploration International Limited, and Mitra Energy Limited have agreed to explore for hydrocarbons in the deepwater Sandakan Basin southwest of the Philippine Islands.
My titular quote from the Geeta represents the spirit which permeates Joya Mitra's prison memoir Killing Days (2004) and had inspired its Bengali title, Hanyaman (1990) (2).
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His family said Mitra's body will be brought to the offices of the House of Representatives and the Senate.
For more information, contact the Movement in India for Nuclear Disarmament, c/o Kamal Mitra Chenoy, 39 Dakshinapuram, JNU Campus, New Delhi, India, 110067.