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The Hindu god of friendship and alliances, usually invoked together with Varuna as an upholder of order, punisher of falsehood, supporter of heaven and earth, and bringer of rain.

[Sanskrit Mitraḥ, from mitraḥ, friend; see mei- in Indo-European roots.]
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Noun1.Mitra - Hindu god of friendship and alliancesMitra - Hindu god of friendship and alliances; usually invoked together with Varuna as a supporter of heaven and earth
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Operating autonomously, Mitra can recognize speech in multiple languages, engage customers with its friendly demeanour and smart conversations to provide better customer engagement.
Following the figure to the top of the stairs, Mitra finds her sitting in a bedroom with a little girl.
This is a recognition of all the Board's hard work and dedication to improving boxing in the Philippines,' Mitra stated from Azerbaijan.
Mitra and his colleagues therefore took advantage of the capillary action found in blotting paper, a result they outlined in a recent article in Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology.
McDonald's had not clearly outlined the terms and conditions of the contest that it had launched in 2005 and Mitra had allegedly ended up being cheated by the restaurant in the process.
Kolkata: Trinamool Congress (TMC) legislator and former state minister Madan Mitra, who has been behind bars since December 2014 for his alleged role in the Saradha scam, has sought 13-day parole to campaign in his constituency.
Speaking at the World Government Summit, Newcastle University professor Dr Sugata Mitra urged educators to embrace the Internet in the classroom as a key part of the learning process and include it as a subject alongside other subjects.
The constantly evolving world demands for people like RV Mitra to change and growth, in order to stand toe-to-toe in the modern world.
The committee had suggested steps with a view to improve productivity in RRBs" Mitra said.
Mitra was the instigator of the Hole in the Wall (HIW) experiment, where in the year 1999 a computer was embedded within a wall in an Indian slum at Kalkaji, Delhi, and children were allowed to freely use it.
Mitra has earned an honorary, noncompetitive spot on the finale, during which one of the show's three final finalists standing -- Nikki Carr, Rod Man and Lachlan Patterson -- will be crowned and receive $250,000 dollars and an NBC development deal.