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 (mĭ-tăn′ē, -tä′nē)
An ancient kingdom of northwest Mesopotamia between the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers. Founded probably by Aryans, the kingdom was established c. 1500 bc, came under Hittite domination by 1350, and was conquered by Assyria c. 1275.

Mi·tan′ni·an adj. & n.
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53 (Bo 1284) is an upper-right-hand fragment with some fifteen lines on the obverse and ten lines on the reverse, and its ductus has been identified as that of the so-called Mittanian school (Wilhelm 1994b: 6; cf.
Arrapha was situated along the southeastern edge of the area under Mittanian domination.
At the beginning of the book, the reader will find two general maps, a map of the site, the family trees of two well-documented families whose activities are known over six generations or more, the chronologies of Middle Assyrian, Middle Babylonian, and Mittanian kings, and finally a relative chronology of the main families of the town and of the generations of scribes, At the end follow concordance tables, bibliography, indices of place names, personal names, professional designations and functions, as well as a list of the text types presented in the book.
bar]su and Karaindas have been concluded, if Assur was under Mittanian domination?
When the kingdom of Mittani fell to Assyria, a Mittanian chariot commander fled to Babylonia with 200 chariots and their crews.