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 (mĭ-tăn′ē, -tä′nē)
An ancient kingdom of northwest Mesopotamia between the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers. Founded probably by Aryans, the kingdom was established c. 1500 bc, came under Hittite domination by 1350, and was conquered by Assyria c. 1275.

Mi·tan′ni·an adj. & n.
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On Sattiwazza of Mittanni see Wilhelm 2009, and on Mashuiluwa of Mira/Kuwaliya, see Heinhold-Krahmer 1977: 179-99.
56) He is also held to be responsible for the dismemberment of the Mittanni kingdom, as well as for the destruction of the kingdom of Arrapha (that part of Mittanni situated south of the Lower Zab river).
86), and at the battle of Kadesh studied by Breasted in his 1903 bonk Ramses II of Egypt faced the Hittites, not Mittanni (p.
Regine Pruzsinszky ("Emar and the Transition from Hurrian to Hittite Power") compares the administration of the Middle Euphrates region under the kings of Mittanni to that under their Hittite successors.
Observing that the peace treaty with Mittanni effectively prevented a militaristic assertion of the older royal ideology, he argues that the period was marked by a turning inwards: the king's legitimation through the sun-god and Maat was stressed at the expense of elements relating to Egypt's domination of foreigners.