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1. A homemade compilation of songs that has been taken from various sources and recorded onto a cassette or CD: I made you a mixtape for your birthday with all your favorite songs.
2. A hip-hop compilation that is released for free directly by the artist and is often more freeform than a studio-produced album.

[mix + tape.]
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Remember when you used to make mix tapes for all your girl crushes, full of songs with (not-so) hidden meaning?
From his legendary mix tapes to his DJ skills, he has become one of hip-hop's most recognised DJs.
The mix tapes were constant EoAC" Thoughts for Food, Scrap Metal EoAC" before a meeting with record label executives of a South African label resulted in the release of album Timezup.
Rather it was filled with my old mix tapes, a collection of awful 80s and early 90s hits that I'd recorded off the radio on my ghetto blaster.
THIS looks like an old Walkman but you can plug it straight into a PC or Mac to turn your old mix tapes and bootlegs into MP3 music.
I often make stuff for family and friends, like mix tapes.
Anyone nostalgic for the days of making mix tapes for friends should appreciate mixtape.
I thought it was pretty cool that when I was 4 or 5, (my parents) were making mix tapes of the (Beatles') `white album' for me so, that definitely helped," Grier said.
I also make mix tapes on the laptop that I can put on the stereo.
The romantic wooing-tool became such a bastion of popular culture that Nick Hornby spent most of his book High Fidelity waxing lyrical about great mix tapes.
LOVE IS A MIX TAPE uses songs on fifteen mix tapes to tell of his romance and its brief surge.
Best-selling rapper 50 Cent got his start on mix tapes, and artists such as Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy owe their careers to DJ Drama.