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1. A homemade compilation of songs that has been taken from various sources and recorded onto a cassette or CD: I made you a mixtape for your birthday with all your favorite songs.
2. A hip-hop compilation that is released for free directly by the artist and is often more freeform than a studio-produced album.

[mix + tape.]
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The two created a bond after becoming school bus seatmates and exchanging mix tapes, comic books.
compact discs and records radios and mix tapes to give I couldn't
With an album that debuts this year and several mix tapes in circulation, Brooklyn, N.Y., hip-hop artist Joey Bada$$ has a good reason to be out on tour.
Crow is the multi-talented DJ and singer behind the hit single Ya Monyati and numerous mix tapes.
Slowly but surely, to the soundtrack of a thousand mix tapes, they fall in love.
The event will feature a movie premiere and the release of mix tapes by Cote D'Ivoire's DJ Saddam and Nigeria's DJ Fressh.
DJ Total Recall, whose real name is Darren Marsh, said: "As a kid I grew up listening to mix tapes from the likes of Andy C, Hazard and Randall.
Remember when you used to make mix tapes for all your girl crushes, full of songs with (not-so) hidden meaning?
that everything would be okay, because my mix tapes
I love dance music and listening to old mix tapes! How did you get started?
The mix tapes were constant EoAC" Thoughts for Food, Scrap Metal EoAC" before a meeting with record label executives of a South African label resulted in the release of album Timezup.