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1. A homemade compilation of songs that has been taken from various sources and recorded onto a cassette or CD: I made you a mixtape for your birthday with all your favorite songs.
2. A hip-hop compilation that is released for free directly by the artist and is often more freeform than a studio-produced album.

[mix + tape.]
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The mix-tape consists of eleven original new tracks and one previously released track Fast Lane which had success at radio.
His mix-tape will feature 17 tracks based on his life experiences and surroundings under the guidance of his best friend and manager Majid Al-Awami.
Young Cee's involvement in the underground mix-tape market gave him access to several of Miami's talented amateur rappers who went on to other projects.
PROFESSOR GREEN Alive Till I'm Dead (Virgin) THE sound of the summer, just like a classic mix-tape.
50 Cent has dedicated his new mix-tape Forever King, to Michael Jackson, and says the cover art came from the UAE.
As the title might suggest, the film is also defined by the music, with a mix-tape soundtrack that reads like a who's of who of hip and trendy artists.
But we've come up a mix-tape of feelgood classics to cheer you up.
THE days of the romantic cassette mix-tape are doomed, it was predicted last night, after a major electrical retailer announced it was pressing the eject button on sales.
The raid was part of the recording industry's effort to crack down on the practice of selling mix-tape CDs.
Featured on the album is the single ``Clap Back'' and the mix-tape favorite ``Crown.
MAKING mix-tapes, putting photos in albums and using VHS recorders are the three things we miss doing most since the digital revolution.