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n. pl. Mixe also Mi·xes
1. A member of a group of indigenous peoples of south-central Mexico.
2. Any of the Mixe-Zoquean languages spoken by these peoples.

[Spanish, of unknown origin.]
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RTJ finished the session on 18 total win points, TFSJ had 17 and Luf's 13 in a tie with Mixe Shots.
INRA (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique), UMR1331 (Unite Mixe de Recherche 1331), Toxalim (Research Center in Food Toxicology), Universite de Toulouse, Toulouse, France E-mail: pltoutain@wanadoo.fr
Les restes du pain, si elle ne peut plus en faire du "tarda" ou "rfissa laamya" (morceaux de pain secs recuits a la vapeur de la couscoussiere avec lentilles, feves et oignons), elle a trouve la parade pour en faire du Pudding au pain rassis, trempe dans le lait et mixe au sucre, oeufs, raisins secs ou chocolat.
Chuxnaban Mixe is a Mixe-Zoque language spoken by nine hundred people in one village in Oaxaca, Mexico.
Also utilizing an analysis of language and representation, hallmarks of cultural history, Yanna Yannakakis focuses on the role that cultural intermediaries played as they brokered relations between the indigenous peoples of Oaxaca, Mexico (Zapotec, Mixe, and Chinantec) and the Spanish colonial state.
SHOOTING: Johanne Brekke, Jenny Corish, Sian Corish, Cheryl Gizzi, Jazquelyn Lewis, Rachel Gravell, Nicola Wilson, Malcolm Allen, Rhys Price, Mixe Wixey, Scott Morgan, David Phelps, Jamie Dummer, John Croydon, Steve Pengelly, Alan Green, Robert Oxford, Gareth Morris.
They not only waged wars of conquest in the first place but, after the worst of the fighting was over, helped Spaniards to suppress "a rebellion in the Nextizo Zapotec community of Tiltepec in 1531, a general rebellion that shook the region in 1550, an uprising in Choapan in 1552, and a Mixe rebellion in 1570" (195).
The acquisition will be funded with an approximate mixe of 75 per cent cash and 25 per cent shares.
Distrito Mixe: 6 km al N de Tamazulapan Mixes, camino a Totontepec, A.