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The language referred to as Chiapas Zoque belongs to the Zoquean branch of the Mixe-Zoque family, all spoken in Southern Mexico.
Pallan, responsible of the Maya Hieroglyphic and Iconographic Heap (AJIMAYA), said that although other Mesoamerican societies like Zapoteca, Mixe-Zoque and Nahua developed writing, Maya is by far the best understood and deciphered.
Back in 1971 I advocated that we should start counting our years from the first date of the oldest calendar known from America, that of the people of Middle America, such as the Olmec, Maya, Zapotec and Mixe-Zoque peoples.
/yp/- [p.sup.y]) and consonant deletion in the Mixe-Zoque language Zoque spoken in southern Mexico.
The word is of Mixe-Zoque origin, what now looks like the language of the Olmecs.